November 21, 2013

Favorite Blushes

Favorite Blushes and Swatches: Tarte Exposed, Nars Gilda, Sleek Flushed, MAC Melba
1. Tarte "Exposed" | 2. NARS "Gilda" | 3. Sleek "Flushed" | 4. MAC "Melba"

I love blush! I'm obsessed with it. I often have to talk myself out of buying blush. It just brings so much to my face. I have more than I need. Perhaps on day I'll do a blush collection. I am very particular with my blushes. I hate shimmer in my blushes. I prefer to add shimmer with a highlighter as shimmery blushes bring out my pores. So all of these are matte or damn close to it. I love me a good 'ol matte blush.

Tarte makes a damn good blush. I love Exposed for it's lasting power(10 hours or so) and it's ability to bring some life to my face while remaining really subtle and great for all occasions. Most days I pick up this one. It's my go to for red lip looks as well, as it lets the lips be the star of the show! NARS makes a great blush too, and I love Gilda for bringing a shimmer-less orange-y peachy glow to my face, especially in the summer. I've just had a taste of Sleek blushes(I now own three), thanks to Sophie who sent me a few. Flushed is not a matte, it contains fine shimmer that(thankfully) doesn't show up on the face when applied. I'm going to love this even more in the winter, which is when I use my red blushes more often. MAC Melba is probably my favorite blush ever. Melba is a true matte, gives an amazing glow, and suits nearly everyone. It's a true peach, which is my favorite blush color.


L to R: Melba, Exposed, Flushed and Gilda

Do you guys wear the same blush religiously or do you change it up daily? ♥

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  1. im glad you love Sleeks Flushed!! .. Tarte's exposed looks such a gorgeous shade, im with you on the lasting power of those blushers, iv'e hardly put Tipsy down since you sent it to me ;) xx

  2. very nice post! thank you :)

  3. I love your blog! I'm a massive fan of blush too, cant get enough of it!



  4. I love blushers to, I couldn't live without mine, nice colours xx

    Libertylovesmakeup.blogspot.com xx

  5. Ooo must try Flushed! I have Pixie Pink and it's one of my favorites. <3

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.


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