July 6, 2013

Doin It Right

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Dress: OMGFashion* | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Converse

Hey guys! Long time no blog post! Like 5 or 6 days or something crazy! I've just been so busy! Summer at my job is crazy and I haven't been wearing anything worth blogging about and if I did, I didn't have the time or a person to shoot for me. Ehh, what can you do? I'm loving the quality of these photos, I hope you are too. Also loving this midi dress, I think it compliments my figure well, and its fitting but comfy. I'd swap in some strappy heels for a night out! I have a midi skirt(also a gray color) and I'd purchase some more midi pieces in the future. How is everyone? Nothing new to add from this end other than I have a desperate need to shop and I still haven't done a new things post. Fail fail fail. Haha. Hope you guys liked this one! Promise not to be gone for this long again! Have a great day!

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  1. Great photos! + I love the midi dress, it really suits you! Also I love how it looks with your neon bag and converses


  2. you look gorgeous!! I love everything about this outfit!! :) xx

  3. I love how you paired the converse with the dress - you look stunning xo

  4. you have SUCH a great figure!
    Love this outfit

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  5. Such a cute outfit, I ADORE your bag :) xx

  6. I love this sporty yet girlie look and the pop of neon is so fitting for this season! x

  7. I love your bag! Definitely need that in my life x


  8. that dress looks amazing on you!

    Holly xoxo

  9. This dress looks so good on you!! You totally have the figure to wear midi skirts or dresses!! Looks so good!! So hopefully you will buy more things in that style!


  10. ooh wow, look at your teeny-tiny figure, you look fab in this! I also love midi's at the moment as I'm a little too short for most maxi dress/skirts!

    Louise x
    The Little Things

  11. You look absolutely stunning in the midi/ You have a killer figure! *cries*




  12. lovely outfit :) xx


  13. I love your bag! I have been on the look out for one that exact colour to go with a belt I have as I think it gives a fab pop of colour to simple outfits! *Goes off in search of one for herself*!

    Ash :-)


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