June 6, 2013

Heart Attack

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Dress: Forever21 | Bag: Zara | Boots: Steve Madden "Cinch" | Watch: Michael Kors

Hey lovelies, just a quick outfit post for you all. Also I'd like to apologize in advance for the lack of outfit posts/influx of beauty posts but Clint is gone with the military until the middle of June, and since I have no outfit photographer, I have no outfit posts. However I have SO many beauty and skincare products that need to be reviewed. Expect some more food posts as well. With the boy not pressing me to feed him I have more time to blog it and take instructional pictures! Also, would you guys like book posts or NYC lifestyle posts? I'm interested in both but I wanna know what you guys think! As for life updates, my package from Sophie came, so exciting! They'll be a post on that super soon! Other than that I've been trying to hang out with friends and stay busy, I'm missing my boy so much! I'm also starting the Game of Thrones books as I'm loving the show. I won't spoil last Sunday's episode but OH MY GOD, always leaving us hanging, what happens next?! Haha. Have a great day guys! ♥

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  1. You look lovely! I love your dress xo

  2. I love the dress!! Keep yourself busy (just play around with the new makeup haha) and your boyfriend will be home before you know it :) xx

  3. That dress looks awesome on you, I love the way the shape fits you! I would so love to see book post AND nyc lifestyle posts!!

  4. The dress is gorgeous! I haven't yet looked at the F21 site, I'm scared I'll buy too much, haha! Great post and great blog. You've gained a new follower from me. :)


  5. i love your outfit here! so cute :)

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