May 27, 2013

Music Mondays #17: Current Favorites 5.27.13

Well helllooooo guys! Happy Memorial Day if you guys celebrate it! If you didn't know, my boyfriend is a currently serving in the National Guard and has also served in the Marine Corps, so I want to thank him and everyone else who has served for defending our country and being braver than most. We're not doing much today, just kicking back and enjoying the day off! Not much to say about today's music favorites except, well, they're my favorite! I'm back on a full indie kick which is fine by me! :)

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Death Cab for Cutie(image via google)

On to today's top ten!
1. Deaths Cab for Cutie - Crooked Teeth
2. Florence + the Machine - No Light, No Light
3. Joshua Radin - One of Those Days
4. Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love
5. The Xx - Heart Skipped a Beat
6. Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More
7. Radical Face - Welcome Home
8. Mumford and Sons - Holland Road
9. Phoenix - 1901
10. Ben Howard - The Fear (*ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THIS WEEK*)

You can listen to this whole playlist HERE! I really hope you guys love it!

That's it for today guys! Have a great day ♥

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  1. I'm loving Ben Howard at the moment too! xo

  2. I literally love ALL these songs, love your blog too xx

  3. Gotta love a bit of the xx and phoenix! Great playlist!


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