November 8, 2013

This Is My Season

Jacket: Urban Code via ASOS | Sweater: Forever21 | Skirt: Target | Boots: Target | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 4181 | Lips: Stila Stay All Day in 'Beso'

Hi! I am slowly but surely trying to get into the habit of frequently blogging again! I've been loving New York weather as it has barely been cold. We've only had a few real cold days and since these pictures were taken I've transitioned to my winter coat out of habit, but I'm only wearing it closed at nighttime. Saaaaweeeeet! And oh yeah! Happy November! I freaking love this time of year because I love New York in the winter and this is prime shopping season! I love shopping for others and even more I love picking things up for myself. All these damn value sets, especially the skincare, will be the death of me! What are you guys up to? I've been trying to be more active and go out more, as always! I feel like it sounds so easy but then I become a lazy sack of shit which sucks because hey, I'm only 23. I need to do stuff. That being said, would you guys like blog posts on things I've done. I suck at documenting my life(other than what I post here) but I do things occasionally that I think might make nice blog posts, like the magnum ice cream and birchbox ones, I love how they came out!! I post on instagram(@trinawears) though so if you want to see little snippets of my life you can follow me there. Now that I've plugged my social media, its time to go to Taco Bell with my boy(I'm writing this at midnight)! ♥

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  1. I love New York in the winter, it's gorgeous. Cute outfit

  2. I love this look!! I would love to visit New York at this time of year!! id love to see posts on what you've been up too!! just call me nosey ;) xx

  3. Uh! Loving the outfit - the skirt is gorgeous! Would love to visit NEW YORK!
    Mlhauken // Beauty, Lifestyle & a bit Fashion

  4. Very cute, this is such a cute simple look! I love your hair up like that too! I for sure want to see more posts of your life!


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