November 11, 2013

Taking Care of Business

Jacket: Urban Code via ASOS | Tank: H&M | Jeans: Garage | Boots: Steve Madden | Bag: Zara

Sorry for the lack of images and shitty quality, blogger has been doing this stupid thing where it makes all of my pictures dark and weird, like I put a filter on them. This was literally the only two decent ones that didn't have that done to it! But really, I wish you could see the whole shirt. That dog is soooo cute! How are you all? Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday. Mine was meant to be relaxing but my plans got out of wack. All is well though! I have a big work conference meeting that's super scary and serious coming up this week so I'm nervous/excited for that. I don't know when I'll have another outfit post just because my boy is my photographer and I'm kind of struggling to find time that we're both free and I'm in an outfit I like. You girls(or guys) who blog, you know the deal, it's a mission sometimes. I would love to do indoor shots but the lighting is poor and I don't have a tripod. I know, I have to get one, and after reading Kate's post on photography, I feel like I really, really need one. We'll see if I can muster up some decent lighting for the winter shots. I don't want the blog to be lacking. Speaking of, my blog traffic plummeted recently and I know that its a direct reflection on my efforts but it really can get you down. I was doing great for a while and then I just fell off. It's hard to make everything go back to normal, especially with my job piling up! Le sigh. Tonight I'm going to sit back, relax and try and draft blog posts for the next two weeks. See you soon! ♥

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  1. I love your bag! I'm having the same issue with photography, its fine when I can get someone to take the photos outside but at uni there is no space or light so it looks terrible. Can't decide whether to not blog at all or blog with terrible photos!My bboyfriend is considering getting me photography lighting for Christmas, I don't even know if this will be worth it though, I know absolutely nothing about photography! X



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