June 22, 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review
Benefit They're Real* $10.00($23.00 full size)

I've never done a mascara review so yay for a day of firsts! I received Benefit's They're Real mini as the generic birthday gift this year at Sephora (love these perks!). The brush is pretty interesting, it has spiky bristles with a spiked tip, which is great for the inner corners. I'll be honest, when I first got this I didn't like it at all. It's a very wet formula, too wet, and when I would try and layer up it would clump a bit and it was hard to work with. I'd have to wait a full minute to apply a second coat but it still didn't look great and it felt heavy. Additionally it is SO hard to get off for a non waterproof mascara. If I wet my face it smudges but doesn't actually come off, it just mats my lashes together. I use my cleanser to remove my makeup and it would take the second cleanse to get all the mascara off if I just used my fingers opposed to a washcloth(flannel).

After using it for two weeks the formula dried up a bit and I actually really started to like it! It's now giving me volume and length and its not weighing my lashes down! However, for the hefty price tag and the two week waiting period until the mascara is acceptable would keep me from repurchasing. There's so many different drugstore mascaras that do a better job for less! I'm not a fan of mascara that isn't amazing right away. Kinda a negative review, but not really. I adore Benefit and I have a Bad Gal Lash that is unopened and waiting to be tried, so maybe that one will be a winner! If you guys want a post on my favorite Benefit products, or favorite mascaras let me know. What's your HG mascara? ♥

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  1. I adore this mascara, the only problem I find with it, is it's so hard to remove but other than that it's amazing, great blog post :) x

    1. It's super hard to get off. It's much better for me after a while!

  2. I've just done my favourite mascara post but I really want to try this as I've read quite a bit about it, good and bad.
    Great review :)

    1. Thank you, going to check out your mascara post now!


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