April 25, 2013

Well Well Well, Don't You Know Me Well

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Dress: ASOS | Cardigan: H&M | Boots: Charlotte Russe | Belt: Forever21 | Bag: Zara

Starting to be brave and show some tightness skin! It's still kind of chilly and the wind lately has been ridiculous, but I've been wearing shorts to combat that. And by wearing shorts I mean I calmly let my dress go up because I'm covered. No shame here. I'm wearing black and brown today. My bf kept saying a black bag with those shoes? But things like that don't bother me. However mixing metals does. Lol. I'm weird I guess. Happy Thursday! I have an 8 hour work day, and hen probably the gym! My life is so exciting... I probably am the most boring New Yorker alive. Hope your guys have a good one! ♥

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  1. You look gorgeous, I love the simplicity of everything together, but the detail of the pieces individually too xo

  2. So gorgeous!!! Love this outfit girl!!!
    - Andrea Marie xx

  3. Very pretty outfit :) You look great!! xx

    Pastel Bokeh

  4. Transitional weather is so difficult :P everyday I debate with myself tights or no tights :P But i always wear spandex shorts under dresses because I'm a klutz :P
    the color of the dress really suits you <3

  5. Cute look! The girls dress with the combat boots are a great mix :)

  6. this is such an sorable outfit, that cardi is such a great piece!
    happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  7. Lovely dress, such a fab colour on you :) xx

  8. CUTEEEEEEEEE outfit, that dress is gorge! x


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