September 3, 2013

Setting the Scene in Bryant Park

I adore Bryant Park. Behind Central Park it is my favorite park in the city. Its full of open space in the summer for movie nights on the big screen, yoga on a sunny afternoon or just a chatty Starbucks date with a friend. So when I was invited to check out Magnum's first ever stand alone store in Bryant Park, I was over the moon. Bryant Park + ice cream?? Never a bad combo!
Top: American Apparel | Pants: H&M | Bag: Zara
The Magnum Bar allows you to customize your unique personalized ice cream experience, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. You start off with a naked ice cream bar which you can coat with your choice of milk or dark chocolate, add up to three of the nine topping options, end with a delicious chocolate drizzle on top and voila! Your perfect ice cream. Watching it being made is so much fun, too!
Here's my creation! I opted for a dark chocolate coated bar, with peanut butter cookie crumble, crushed caramel pieces, vanilla rice crisps and a milk chocolate drizzle on top! Amazing!

Such a great experience! Big thanks to Magnum for having us, we(Erica and I) really enjoyed it!

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  1. Oh my goodness that looks incredible!! xo

  2. Oh god, that looks so delicious!

    What a cute concept :)

    New follower x

    How Lovely

  3. Oh my goodness that looks amazing!!

  4. Oh wowww, this looks soooo good


  5. Oh my that ice cream looks and sounds soooo delicious just left sitting wanting an icecream so badly now haha!!

    Christina xx

    1. Every time I look at this post I want ice cream! Sob!

  6. that dark chocolate bar looks amazing! i also love your black bag!

    lindsey louise


  7. That magnum looks amazing! lovely blog :) thanks for sending me your link in last nights chat :)


  8. Oh my goodness that Magnum looks incredible!!! I want ice cream so much now despite the slightly dreary English weather today...surely it's always a good time for a Magnum :)
    I really like your blog...would love if you'd have a little look at mine too! xoxo
    The perks of being a hipster

  9. ohhh man, my boyf and i are planning a trip to nyc next year - this is a great recomnmendation, and is on the list now too! thank you for sharing your fave spot x

  10. Yummy, that looks amazing! I also love that picture of Bryant Park, it's such a pretty space :) xx


  11. That's one badass ice cream. People best move aside for it!


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