September 19, 2013

Because Cats

Dress: Forever21 | Shoes: H&M

Photos with animals are my favorite! The cat is belongs to someone in the housing development, and like a few others, he just roams all day and goes home at night. I've been told his name, but I forgot it so I've come to call him Paco. He answers to it so I assume he approves. He's super friendly(to me anyway, I've heard he's been mean to others), and likes to play when he sees me. Of course he wanted to play while I was doing official blog business. He literally followed us everywhere, we tried 3 different locations, so we decided to just leave it be. Paco is my friend after all, I shouldn't be running from my friends! How is everyone today? Today is a long day at work but I'm looking forward to it. I've been taking it easy and going straight home after work for the past few days because I've been feeling a bit off and lethargic so I figure I need a break from extracurricular activities(i.e. shopping with my sister). If you guys noticed I've done some changing around with the color scheme and font of my blog, as I was getting a bit bored. It's a slow process but I'm slowly learning how to do this stuff! It isn't the most professionally decked out layout, but it's mine, and its not glitchy or busy which is fine by me! What else is new with me? Uhhh, I'm currently in love with Mango Sorbet and I been put off by chicken lately, not sure why. And of course my update went to food. That means I'm rambling and it's time to go! Have a great day guys! ♥

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  1. Cats are such pretty animals (sounds weird but you know what I mean). I love dresses with ankle boots, lovely outfit xx

  2. this is such a cute post! cats and cute fashion = win!! Lovely dress, I'm looking for a red dress for the fall! Loving the last pic as well where the cat comes strolling in :P



  3. Aw pacos so cute! Every time I see a cat out and about they never let me pet them! I love the color red on you!

  4. lovely red dress:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  5. I'm a total cat lady lol! Love the sundress and booties combo :)

  6. i love cats too and we have stray cat coming to the house often
    it's fun to see them roam around and wonder what they want!

    nice dress you have there too
    i've just follow you, would you like to follow each other ?


  7. I like your bright colored dress, so cute <3

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  8. You look gorgeous in that dress!

    I adore cats :)

    Lucy x

  9. I love your style Suzie! These trousers are perfect. I'm going to see if they have my size now. Fingers crossed! summer dress designs

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